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Roger Vivier: Photocall Bag Exhibition

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1 bag, 10 different creatives, 10 different designs. That pretty much sums up Roger Vivier’s ongoing #PhotocallBagExhibition that wraps up this Friday in the famed Landmark mall, which I had the honour of attending last week in Hong Kong. Not only is it just an exhibition of the Photocall Bag, it also marked the debut of Roger Vivier’s Spring-Summer 2017 collection featuring new designs of the Sneaky Viv’, Slidy Viv’ and more.

Amongst the creatives invited to put their own personal spin on the Photocall Bag included the likes of Hong Kong superstars Carina Lau and Cherie Chung, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl and even our very own Yoyo Cao, each adorning it with their own choice of embellishments that made each bag a truly unique one-of-a-kind piece.


And after you’re done admiring all 10 bags, there’s also the exclusive Roger Vivier customisation counter that has limited denim tote bags available for you to put your own twist on it, with specially designed iron-on patches and pin buttons for you to channel your inner creative.


For fans who are not in Hong Kong (or heading up anytime before Friday), you can make a trip down to the boutique in Singapore where a selection of bags carried by these lovelies during the launch event are available for sale, from Hilary Tsui’s Box Eagle (SGD3060) to the stunning Boîte de Nuit Bracelet clutch (SGD6310) that was in the arms of Queenie Rosita Law. But if crystal embellishments aren’t your thing, there’s the jungle-inspired Viv’ Tiger (SGD4080) in a stunning green that’s just on point this season.

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Roger Vivier ‘T-Shirt Love’ Gommette Ballet Pumps

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With Valentine’s Day in just over a month, you can be sure that this won’t be the last Valentine’s Day-dedicated post you’ll be seeing on this blog for now. From Roger Vivier comes the specially-created Gommette ballet pump just perfect for that day of love that’s called T-Shirt Love. Why it’s called what it’s called I’ll never know, but the important thing to note about this gorgeous pair of metallic leather pumps is the detailing, more specifically, the painted red heart and the word Love which you’ll find on either toe cap.


No word yet on when they’ll actually be launched in Singapore, or how much they’ll cost a pair, so do stay tuned for more updates. Or ring Roger Vivier directly at 6737-8444 and find out for yourself, and while you’re at it, do ask about the matching bag (the Miss Viv’) and clutch (the Mini Buckle) that’s also part of this special collection.

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