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Valentino knows how to bring its A-game when it comes to fashion-forward bag pieces. Take these two Valentino Star Studded Bags for example.



The bigger sized Star Studded Bag comes in denim blue color. The stars and the royal blue rounded stones give this bag a bold fashion statement. The bigger sized stars in the middle also adds accent, making it all the more adorable. The chained strap is also a bonus! Pair it over your white dress and cowgirl boots and you’ll surely be the girl to beat.

For those who prefer mini mags, the smaller sized Star Studded Bag might be the one for you. It comes in jet black color but with the same stars and royal blue rounded stones. It has the same patterns as that of the medium sized Star Studded Bag but this one looks extra cuter, blame it on its adorable size.





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Valentino Rivet Shoulder Bag

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Seems like a lot of BRAGMYBAG readers have fallen in love with Valentino’s New York Capsule Bag Collection, which featured handbags in minimalistic white and super cute red hearts.

But anyway, another accessories that captured our attention are these tasty Valentino Rivet Shoulder Bags, which were presented in the Spring 2015 Collection. I love the tri-tone colour variation, the colored horizontal stripes that blend together makes an interesting item to watch. It got something that its hard to explain, I am glad that it is not single colored (that would be boring like ***).

It’s a handbag for the winter as well as the summer (but I think more for the summah!), imagine you in your multi-color dress and perhaps some slippers on. Or for the night-outs is also perfect.

The tri-tone colors reflect the Italian pop art mood and it practical too, with three compartments ready to hold your essentials, made with a simple golden plate on the closure, give menswear hues a lux update and carry this bag over your shoulder.

Measuring 7’ x 10’ x 1.5’ (H x W x D) inches


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Valentino Spring 2016 Campaign Shows Spectacular Kenya Scenes


Valentino’s spring/summer 2016 collection was inspired by the styles of Africa, and so, brand designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli decided to transport theValentino spring 2016 campaign directly to Kenya. The photoshoot took place in the Amboseli National Park in the African nation, and was shot by editorial photographer Stephen McCurry. McCurry’s most famous work was his “Afghan Girl” photograph, which was featured on the cover of National Geographic, as well as other like subjects.

Valentino Spring 2016 Campaign In Kenya

Chiuri and Piccioli cast models Kirin Dejonckheere, Alice Metza, Cameron Traiber, Greta Varlese, and Tami Williams to showcase the apparel, but the Maasai people of Kenya were also featured in the shoot, ramping up the natural African inspiration, and serving as a powerful addition. Alongside these indigenous women appearing amid the nation’s scenery, the Italian brand’s apparel seemed right at home. So not only was the campaign transported to this nation, the viewers were as well when the campaign was released Friday.

“The idea of these pictures is to take the viewer on a journey,” McCurry told WWD. “The clothes were inspired by African motifs, [so] to take the shoot to Africa and show how these things interact and, this connection of the clothes, the models, the environment, the local people; I thought it was a great endeavor.”

And you could definitely call this campaign a journey, so the photographer was right on the money in his statement. The setting and overall atmosphere were the best for the spring apparel, and showed the connection between the inspiration and the finished product. Naturally, these garments might seem out of place there in a day-to-day setting, but the fact that it doesn’t seem too farfetched is a great success for any designer with such a clear source of inspiration.

The Valentino spring/summer 2016 ad campaign is beautiful – that much can be seen by anyone with a similar mind. That being said, it is difficult to ignore the scrutiny under which Valentino’s casting choices has been under for the past few seasons in particular. For its spring 2016 runway show, there was an abundance of white models styled with cornrows, which is a trend social media users have continuously spoken out against.

It is interesting that the designers at Valentino, knowing the public outrage, decided to choose the “Africa” theme, because it could have been used to integrate more diversity into their casting. But the brand stuck to its guns and kept up with the cornrows, so social media will likely be buzzing for some time over this matter. The casting of Caribbean model Williams is a step from past campaigns, but the public is calling for more than that.

Executives at Valentino have made efforts to explain the collection and styling as being for cross-cultural exchange. Guido Palau styled hair for this particular campaign, and wrote in his show notes, “The clothes have some tribal inspiration, so the hair has that feeling as well… It’s a bit influenced by the ‘60s and ‘70s when girls used to travel and they would bring back inspiration from other places and cultures, which is kind of an eclectic way of styling yourself.”

Even so, the public’s outrage at the models’ cornrows stems from the social acceptance of that particular hairstyle. It’s common knowledge that this hairdo originated from black women, but in today’s culture, those women can’t always wear their hair in that way, unless they want to evoke some sort of public criticism. Of course, that’s not Valentino’s fault, but it is still a publicly known fact.

This Italian brand isn’t the only one to cast largely white women, but it certainly seems to be under public fire more often. Casting a racially diverse range of models isn’t something all designers think about, but it is becoming a larger issue as society continues on. So maybe Valentino will catch onto this a bit more for the next campaign, but for now, all we can do is see these photos and appreciate the positive attributes.

There is a lot of power in these images, and even though there isn’t as much diversity in the casting as some may like, the clothes do look exceptional against the backdrop, and the addition of indigenous people and scenery adds to the flavor of the African inspiration. The campaign is a sight to be seen, regardless of the growing fire it is under.

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Are Valentino’s Rockstuds a Classic?

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For most brands, a distinctive, successful line of shoes or bags can be expected to remain popular for only a couple of years before it needs to be moved to the back burner in favor of what the brand hopes will be its Next Big Thing. With designers producing four collections a year, consumers need constant newness, and it’s rare that anything jumps the tracks to become a classic. But maybe Valentino has done it.

It’s hard to declare anything a true “classic” that’s debuted in the relatively recent past, and Valentino’s first Rockstuds graced their first runway five years ago next month, during the brand’s Spring 2011 show in Paris. At the time, I wasn’t into the line at all, but they’ve long since won me over. Ever since then, Valentino has been making the bags and shoes in a seemingly never-ending stream of colors, sizes, shapes and combinations. There is a Rockstud for everyone, and those who buy one bag or pair of shoes seem often to keep going.

The line’s popularity just keeps chugging along, and although Valentino has introduced lots of designs that aren’t reliant on the look in the past few seasons, the Rockstuds show no signs of going away or losing consumer favor. Although we occasionally hear from people who are sick of the studs’ ubiquity, plenty of other consumers continue to vote with their dollars. After all, for every classic, there are contrarians who are ready and willing to tell you they don’t know what all the fuss is about.

I’ve seen this discussion go down everywhere from my Twitter mentions to an episode ofKeeping Up With The Kardashians, and I’m betting all of you have some thoughts on whether the Rockstuds have yet managed to transcend their seasonal roots. Personally, I’m not sure enough time has passed to tell definitively, but if I had to pick a side, I’d guess we’ll be seeing Rockstuds and chic arms and feet for a long time to come.

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