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Chanel Earrings Metal And Glass Pearls Gold and Pearly White Style code: A86243 Price: $450 USD, €390 euro
Now let’s talk about earrings, shall we? You know, besides handbags and shoes, what is the next thing that is exceptionally popular at Chanel? Earrings of course… Chanel-Earrings-4
Chanel Earrings in Metal, Strass and Glass Pearls Gold, Light Pink and Pearly White Style code: A88847 Price: $700 USD, €620 euro
So we decided to give you as much information as possible about the earrings for this collection. Oh and our favorites is no other than these CC with pearls and gems in gold, light pink and white. These beauties are perfect for the evenings as well as important events. They just look so elegant. Chanel-earrings-12
Chanel Clip-On Earrings in Metal, Strass and Glass Pearls Gold, Pearly White and Crystal Style code: A97002 Price: €1050 euro
Chanel-earrings-10 What’s more? These Chanel Clip-On Earrings looks sophisticated but amazing. Again, a lot of pearls below the beautiful CC in gold, white and crystals. So what do you think? And which one would you choose? Chanel-Earrings-5
Chanel Earrings in Metal Gold Style code: A86242 Price: $500 USD, €440 euro
Chanel Earrings in Metal, Resin, Fantasy Pearls Gold, Pearly White and Light Green Style code: A95022 Price: $450 USD, €400 euro
Chanel Clip-On Earrings in Metal, Resin and Fantasy Pearls, Gold, Pearly White and Ecru Style code: A95024 Price: $475 USD, €420 euro
Chanel Clip-On Earrings in Metal, Resin and Resin Gold, Pearly White and Light Pink Style code: A95023 Price: €390 euro
Chanel Metal, Resin and Strass Gold, Pearly White and Crystal Style code: A86265 Price: €420 euro
Chanel Earrings in Metal Gold Style code: A96045 Price: €530 euro
Chanel-earrings-11 Chanel-earrings-8
Chanel Metal and Strass Silver, Blue and Crystal Style code: A95164 Price: €620 euro

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Louis Vuitton Spring Summer Runway Bag Collection Part 2

Louis Vuitton


As the models are walking with attitude and stealing the runway, the same bags are shown from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, but each got an upgrade. It’s like purchasing the iPhone 6 – the colors are sharper, the details are more refined and the shape is slightly different.

Here is our advice; start expanding your budget, because what we will be sharing is beyond drooling:


The Petite Malle Shoulder Bag again, yes but now it’s different. The details are the same, like the iconic closure, the same body as the classic trunk bag and even the tag is there. But this bag has made ‘slouchy’, it’s softer and more practical to use as an everyday tote bag.

Think again, an iconic on your hand and you can use it everyday, life is great isn’t?


The Lady Bag returned with an ambition to steal our heart, its shown in lipstick red and monogram or in brown. But still, if you adore the Lady Bag, we think you should read all about it, in our detailed post:


We can talk hours about these bags, but the next Spring Summer 2015 seasonal ‘must have’ is the round-shaped tote bag. You can carry it by hand or use the long strap to cross body. But anyways, it’s funny how Louis Vuitton styled it. The shoulder strap is crossed behind the closure and it looks kind-of like an octopus with long tentacles.

We belief pictures tell the story, so check out the images and let us know what ya think, al right?













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