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Saint Laurent Red Box Laque Card Holder

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A red wallet, what’s the deal?

I mean, it’s not even a d*** wallet, it’s a cardholder!

We did not picked this accessory by accident, nor because we’re bored and having nothing to post. But there was just a ‘thing’ about it that we admire and couldn’t help but write a review about it.

First of all, the ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ signature, it’s catchy isn’t. Then I love how the golden zipper matches to the lipstick red color. It calls for attention when you take it out of your bag, trying to find the right card.

Then it’s the structure, I love the layers next to each other, it’s just so modern and chic. The cardholder can be closed with the zipper, which keeps your card safe and sound.

But more, a cardholder is a bit exaggerated, I mean we got wallets right? But you know, nowadays we got so many card, we do not even know how to store it. It’s not only the credit cards, but also the cards we use to get points when doing shopping, it’s endless and they are piling up.

Perhaps, time for a cardholder?

Made from buffet leather, with five slot cards. Pouch lining is in black leather, measuring 5’ x 3’ (L x W) inches, priced at $295 USD.

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Saint Laurent Toy Duffle Bag

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At the first glance, you might think it’s the Saint Laurent Duffle Handbag, perhaps the 6 series or the 3 series. You’re almost right, but it’s not.
It’s name?
The Saint Laurent Toy Duffle Bag.
We like to source bags that are slightly different than the ‘classics’, and when it’s even prettier, that’s a huge bonus. I have to say that I love this duffle more than the normal version and let me tell you why?
First, it’s the price. It’s cheaper than the regular Saint Laurent Duffle Bag, but then again, the size is also smaller. So, are you still available to marry with a mini duffle bag?
Then consider the removable shoulder strap, it’s partly made from leather and curb chain, refined with golden hardware. The regular Saint Laurent Duffle Bag comes with a leather strap, no chains and no curbs. I love the shine, it makes everything perfect, and it makes the bag more luxurious and chic.
The beauty has been detailed even on the bottom, bumper studs are crafted on the bag’s base. Made from buffled leather, with rolled carry handles and finished with a golden ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ stamp on the front. Measuring 7’ x 4.5’ x 3’ (L x H x W) inches



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Here in our community, we’ve seen lots of bags ranging from outrageous to just plain loveable…some may beep under our radars, and some may, well, let’s just say some may be too much for our discriminating tastes. But what we have for you today is sure to keep you excited: it’s the Saint Laurent Pink Monogram Quilted Bag! This piece is clearly going to be your next favorite.

The piece comes in a beautiful Chevron quilt, and with a color so vibrant (hot pink is so in season!), you’ll never want to trade it with anything else! It also bears the brand’s sterling monogram, which provides a great contrast from the textured leather exterior. Chained to perfection, you can opt to carry it with your hands or over your shoulders. How can you resist this pretty pink stunner? Right on.

What do you think about this piece? Comment and let us know!


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