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Are you looking for a unique bag to own with edgy twist? Well well, it looks like Alexander McQueen is reading your minds when he created this unique Alexander McQueen Box Bag.

A stunning new bag with an extreme sense of personality, The Box Bag is unique on its own. Taking its inspiration from antique luggages and treasure chests, the shape itself is an instant eye catcher. The detachable and adjustable chain strap on the other hand is another story as it not only proves useful for shoulder carrying but also acts as an accessory for further embellishment. Another feature that makes it remarkable would be its diamond-faceted rotation clasp fastening with two decorative studs for added fashionable pizzazz.

Aside from its chain shoulder strap, this one-of-a-kind bag also features an additional detachable and adjustable leather strap for shoulder and across the body carrying. Now isn’t that fun? The Box Bag can be worn in multiple ways depending on your mood!

Let’s move on to the other bag details. As you can see, the Alexander McQueen signature is embossed in amber gold and is placed on the center bottom for effortless recognition. Made from genuine goatskin leather and brass hardware with an amber gold finishing, this bag is the bomb!

Alexander McQueen Box Bag 16
Size: 16 x 12 x 6 (W x H x D) cm
Prices: $1990 USD, €1490 euro, £1590 GBP

Alexander McQueen Box Bag 19
Size: 14.5 x 19 x 7 (W x H x D) cm
Prices: $1790 USD, €1690 euro, £1390 GBP


















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Alexander McQueen Fall 2016 LFW Show Is a Dream Come True


After feasting your eyes on the divine and celestial Alexander McQueenfall/winter 2016-2017 RTW collection unveiled yesterday in the evening at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London, you will have a snowball’s chance in hell to break the spell cast over you forever and ever. Uttering that the collection was teeming with all those feminine typical coquettish butterflies, lips and lipsticks, moons and stars, flowers, birdies, some midges and eyes quite palpable on a series of pieces is sort of telling nothing about that magical bounty Sarah Burton paid us yesterday. That sweet baby in her womb to come to life in two week’s time might have in some aspects chipped in her mother’s creative mind reaching its zenith, this time registering the fall 2016-2017 lineup as the most paradisiacal in the brand’s history.

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2016-2017 RTW - London Fashion Week

“It’s all about nighttime and dreams, almost sleepwalking, in a state where reality and dreams become blurred,” said the designer backstage and knuckled down to manifest every single word uttered with every single millimeter tailored and designed by the brand’s experienced team. The show kicked off with pieces driving at reality under the guise of black cashmere or leather coats cut in precise geometrical shapes and hand painted with pocket watches, butterflies and lips all over the map.

The Alexander McQueen fall 2016 show was gradually veering off reality leading us to some shadowy and vague dream zone, where things took more diaphanous, ruffled and scarcely tactile spin. We saw a couple of billowy dresses with shoulders cut to fall off in some nonchalant way and other chaotic slashes here and there conveying more lunatic impression. Some black and powdery pink lacy dresses with bottoms going densely pleated and the bodices hosting scintillating butterflies in apple-pie order immediately followed, while those cobweb-fine knitted dresses in cream, amaranth pink shades were really the incarnation of daintiness and subtlety.

But if you are after some crème de la crème samples to throw yourself into equilibrium, come and get them at the end of the show trotting out some museum-worthy intricate pieces that were in frantic competition to take the winning crown, but at the end putting up to live in harmonious symbiosis. Two grandiose illusion dresses all encrusted with tiny star dust and teamed with capes were crooning a sweet lullaby, while another naked dress, one side of which was embellished with a golden goat stretching across the whole length, was somehow shocking. A couple of sophisticated bejewelled gowns and a modicum of illusion dresses with a plethora of images as if extracted from the dreams of a babe in the woods were sending word about countless days spent on that sophisticated handicraft.

This was all about night with vague dreams, moon and stars staring at people through windows and of course, all the attributes of lounging bedroom. Seeing a range of bejewelled lingerie pieces more often worn underneath black mannish suits and teamed with pants with buckled ribbons wrapped around was not something unexpected or unlooked-for.

What was really out of blue were those eiderdowns taken from a bedroom and shaped into coats lined with marabou and decorated with floral and butterfly prints or else with 3D butterflies, like that closing one worn over a breathtaking gown embellished with shimmering dust and the bottom all going ostrich feathers. Good night! Dream your sweetest dreams!


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