How to Choose Glass Frames for Your Face Shape


Knowing the right tips on how to choose glass frames for your face shape is the first step to looking glamorous and memorable when wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses, even if when you do this because of having vision problems. You can, of course, opt for contact lenses instead, but we find that one looks super smart and super attractive with the right frame in his or her face.

How to Choose Glass Frames for Your Face Shape

Many of us have problems with our eyesight. We can be near-sighted or far-sighted. We can require really thick lenses or get by with the lowest prescriptions. Sometimes we’re born with it; sometimes our practices affect our 20/20 vision.

All in all, most people will need some sort of corrective procedures to be able to see the clearest possible. That’s where those glasses come on. Of course, we’re talking about glasses with frames and lenses here, though drinking away your problems is a possibility that we do not endorse.

Eyeglasses are such a staple accessory that even those without prescriptions may decide to pick up a pair, just to look more hipster, more intelligent, or in general more professional. Studies over the years have shown that when two candidates with the same qualifications and a similar personality are interviewed for a job, employees tend to hire those with glasses more often than those without.

But not all glass frames look appealing on every face and not all styles match every personality. It’s important that when picking out the pair you want or need, you pay attention to how it will match the shape of your face.

These are not handbags or scarves that are one size fits all. These need careful thought and a picky process. They need you to understand which styles will suit you as you are.

If you are having trouble picking out the right pair of glass frames according to your face shape, your optician should be able to help. If you have a good rapport and the optician knows your personality as well as your face, chances are he or she can pick out the best frames to suit the whole you better than anyone; after all, they work there and know their collections well.

There are seven types of face shapes and you will need to identify your own. It can be round, square, oval, oblong, heart-shaped, triangle-shaped or diamond-shaped. To figure out your personal face shape, trace an outline of it and compare.

When picking the glass frames make sure that it looks like the frames are wearing you and not the other way around. You might want to go for a subtler pair if it’s standing out too much and not something that looks really good on someone you know or the model in the ads.

Glass Frames for Round Faces

Round faces have a circular form, equal in length and width, full cheeks, and a rounded chin, while the forehead is wide. Those with a round face shape will want to reduce that chubby look and create a longer illusion, visually adding lines and angles to create a balanced look.

As such, angular frames that do not have any roundness to them, such as rectangles and wayfarer glasses are probably your best bet. Glasses with wider frames will also make your round face look visually slimmer. This way you are adding definition to the otherwise soft look, accenting the features without allowing the frame to overpower the face.

Go for bolder, thicker glass frames and something that sticks out more than your regular frame. You might want to also pick up lenses that are polycarbonate, anti-scratch and with anti-reflective coating. This way you look fab and still have it do what it’s supposed to do.

Recommended Frames for Round Faces: Go for square, rectangle, wayfarer, classic cat-eye, aviator or edgy wrap/shield frames to visually slim down and elongate your round face shape.

Not Recommended Frames for Round Faces: You definitely want to avoid round and oversized frames, which will only make your face look even rounder and chubbier.

Glass Frames for Round Face Shape

Glass Frames for Square Faces

As the name already implies, square faces have an angular bone structure, a wide forehead and a prominent jawline. Those with a square face will not want to highlight the angles but soften them, which is why a rounder shape would be a better match, though some still keep to the angular designs. Ovals and more cat-eye frames are your best bet here.

You want to give the eyes a lift and the face a lever severe contouring. However, if you still want the angular, you can try a cat-eye design with a boxy aesthetic that looks rounder, with pentagonal features. This way, even though you have edges, you also manage to flatter the face shape.

Lightweight metal frames also work really well as they do not take away from your look but add an aura of intelligence to you. Of course, you can always go for the fabulously oversized round styles in the ones that double up as sunglasses as well, which just adds fab, chic and flirty to your do.

Recommended Frames for Square Faces: Consider retro cat-eye, oval or round glass frames to soften the sharp angles of your square face.

Not Recommended Frames for Square Faces: In order to avoid emphasizing the sharpness of your square face and the strong jawline, you should stay away from glass frames with sharp angles, such as square or rectangle frames.

Glass Frames for Square Face Shape

Glass Frames for Oval Faces

Women with oval face shapes have a balanced look with high cheekbones, a narrow chin and a narrow forehead. Oval faces are the easiest to work with it appears. Most anything looks good on them. Just make sure the frames you seek out are the width of your face so that you do not run into any problems.

Squares and rectangles do the best job in complementing an oval face’s features though, so keep that in mind. A longer, rounder frame will also look amazing, so long as it is on the wider side.

Cat-eyes look amazing no matter what, and an oversized frame in this design is sure to turn some heads. Boxy shapes do well in a larger size, but you should be careful with those. Not all will look great.

Recommended Frames for Oval Faces: Cat-eye, round, square, rectangle, aviator and wayfarer frame styles all complement an oval face.

Not Recommended Frames for Oval Faces: You still should be careful when picking oversized frames, preferably avoiding them.

Glass Frames for Oval Face Shape

Glass Frames for Heart-Shaped Faces

You have a broad forehead, high cheekbones and a strong narrow chin, so you should be dressing up your face accordingly with glasses where the frames angle outward at the bottom. This means classic aviators are actually the right fit for you.

You can also go for the rimless features, which flatter your features even more. Go for the metal frames with the nose pads that sit on your face in a classic manner while also give you the ease and comfort you require. It will enhance the frame itself and have it sit in a way that befits your features.

Pilot frames are great as well, with the plastic allowing for more flexibility in jazzing up the features. It’s versatile and can be very sexy. Just make sure the bottom of the lens is wider.

Recommended Frames for Heart-Shaped Faces: Aviator, round, oval, wayfarer and cat-eye frames are the go-to styles for women with heart-shaped faces.

Not Recommended Frames for Heart-Shaped Faces: Avoid rectangle and square frames, as well as frames that are wider at the bottom, in general.

Glass Frames for Heart Face Shape

Glass Frames for Triangle Faces

Also known as a pear-shaped face, a triangle face features a wide jawline and a narrow forehead. Still, there’s something about the triangular face that can be very attractive, but you need to pick the right pair of glasses and the best you can go with is the cat-eyed look. The super strong chin needs some help in softening it.

Curved edges are a good thing and certainly make the face a lot more attractive. Making the sunglasses you wear oversized cat-eyed styles will certainly be winning you dozens of compliments a day.

Recommended Frames for Triangle Faces: Oversized cat-eye, aviator and generally wider frames will visually add width to the top part of the face, making it look perfectly balanced.

Not Recommended Frames for Triangle Faces: Steer clear of frames that will accentuate the strong jawline even more.

Glass Frames for Triangle Face Shape

Glass Frames for Oblong Faces

Oblongs are elongated ovals that go amazingly well with horizontal cat-eyes frames, sitting across the face but also curving where needed. You can go with rounder frames as well, while also experimenting with geometric shapes that have decorative designs on the temples to jazz it up.

It’s important here to shorten the length of the face so we go more horizontal to do so. If you like the rimless look, you might have a bit of a problem so go for something angular and only semi-rimless for now until you ease into the look. A hybrid of rectangle and cat-eye works amazingly well, especially with bolder rims.

Recommended Frames for Oblong Faces: Round and horizontal cat-eye frames will ultimately flatter oblong faces.

Not Recommended Frames for Oblong Faces: Small, narrow frames should be avoided, if you have an oblong face.

Glass Frames for Oblong Face Shape

Glass Frames for Diamond Faces

Here you have very angular features, sharp but gorgeous, with the cheekbones being the widest part of the face, while the forehead and the jawline – the narrowest. You will want a frame that’s heavier at the top and bringing more of its emphasis to the corners, while those with flat tops should be avoided at all times. You don’t want to be accentuating your cheekbones too much.

Your best bet is actually the ‘60s style wayfarer frames that somehow have been a classic staple for the diamond-shaped faces. Sunglasses with clearer frames are a good idea as well, particularly if the angling of the lens becomes narrower as you reach the lowest end. The curves add softness to the features, while the general look is chic and splendidly professional.

Recommended Frames for Diamond Faces: Wayfarer and oversized aviator frames will look gorgeous on your diamond face.

Not Recommended Frames for Diamond Faces: Rounded glass frames are an absolute no-no for women with diamond faces.

Glass Frames for Diamond Face Shape

Flattering Glass Frame Shades for Face Shapes

The details of the glass frames are just as important, including the color. If you have dark hark, then glasses with a darker hue will enhance your coloring, while those with light hair should opt for the creamier looks that will brighten their skin and hair.

Those with pale skin should go for the darker frames to create a nice contrast, while using a mid-toned frame will bring warmth to your features. Of course, don’t forget to pick the type of lens that suits your needs, from plastic to polycarbonate, trivex to high-index plastic or ultra-thin polyurethane.

Best Glass Frame Colors for Round Faces

When your face is round and you’ve picked the angular glasses, opt for a color that’s not black but not light either. A versatile olive color will go well with most anything you’re wearing while also looking chic and professional when you walk out that door. It’s not conventional, but it’s certainly worth the try. It may become your new staple eyewear!

Of course, you can go with multiple hues, particularly bright colors, prints and embellishments on the brow line that will add a bit of contour to the round face.

Wooden frames are also becoming increasingly popular and it might be a fun move to mix and match your casuals with this alternative to the classic wayfarer, particularly when you add polarized lenses to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun. It is an affordable option that’s both unique and lightweight in style.

Best Glass Frame Colors for Square Faces

When you have picked your cat-eye or oval frame, opt for the brighter colorings to lighten up your mood and have you looking fashionably chic. Go for more greyish and neutral frames if you’re a blonde, particularly with the oversized round glasses.

You can go for most any hue with the square face and look good. Just make sure it matches your skin tone and hair color.

Best Glass Frame Colors for Oval Faces

Dark blue hues look rather amazing on the more oval faces it appears. While greys with soft stripes in a diagonal setting work wonders with a wide brim oversized cat-eye set.

Translucent thick frames also look great, particularly with the blonde hair and warmer tanned skin tone when you wear them as sunglasses with prescriptions. These are more wayfarers but suit the oval face charmingly.

Best Glass Frame Colors for Heart-Shaped Faces

A wider forehead is flattered by lighter colors or delicate frames that are not too dark but are just the right hue to match the rest of the face. Metal frames give the essential silhouette and the spring hinges ensure comfort.

Going for the metal and plastic combination is a great idea, with the lighter top and darker bottom of the frames so that the aviator looks give you the best of both world. Since the plastic also gives you more opportunity to be more expressive, opt for the black and white stripes that really add fun to the outfit.

Ray-Bans are a classic you cannot go wrong with and one style of sunglasses that you should stick to very closely. If they are with a green, mirrored lens then you should certainly choose this for your heart-shaped face. It’s not a good look on everybody so enjoy how awesome they make you appear, since you obviously can.

Best Glass Frame Colors for Triangle Faces

Bolder frames in darker colors are going to be flattering the triangle-shaped face the most, adding weight to the upper part of the face and downplaying the broadness of the chin. Retro frames are a great way to spruce up the cat-eyed look, with the half rim wayfarer illusion and the way that highlights the top of the face, bringing the focus to the eyes.

Striped detailing is a great addition, especially when you are going for a seafaring blue hue. That cheeky contrast really makes them stand out on your face.

Best Glass Frame Colors for Oblong Faces 

Those with oblong faces can really have fun with their glasses. Go for brighter colors, like reds and pinks and yellows or greens for a more satisfying effect. Bolder rims are also a great choice, especially on the rectangular cat-eye.

The rims can then be played around with, and include horizontal stripes, bright and dark color combinations, spots, or anything else that meets your fancy.

Best Glass Frame Colors for Diamond Faces

We’re looking at half-rims here more often than not and a walk on the wild side in terms of its coloring is not a bad idea at all. Stripes and spots at the top while the rims only reach half way and accentuate the angularity of the side of the face is a good look.

Glasses in brighter hues can also bring a splash of color to any wardrobe so go for the reds and the purples. These are universally flattering.

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Nina Ricci Brings In African Motfis for the Resort 2017 Season


Retro inspirations from different decades and a ‘dress to impress (yourself)’ philosophy wrap up the Nina Ricci resort 2017 collection. The house’s creative director Guillaume Henry made sure his resort line was anything but boring, letting it spontaneously travel from more feminine to more masculine territories like it is no big deal.

Nina Ricci Resort 2017 Collection

The collection also naturally mixes Twenties/ Thirties motifs with the incredible passion for sleek and velvet fabrics many designers have inherited from the Seventies and Nineties, perfectly embodying the dynamic approach to art the Futuristic movement of the first decades of the XX century embraced.

Henry wanted us to feel the sun and dynamism of his creations, and even let us know what kind of images he filled his mood board with, namely Malick Sibidé’s portraits, Fela Kuti’s costumes from the Seventies and dreamy African landscapes. For his trans-seasonal collection, the designer thus travels both in space and in time, entirely focusing on pure fashion and beauty.

The line-up might in fact not be regarded as the most wearable, especially during the endless pre-spring rainy days, but is definitely worth checking out, especially if you are both always on the go and passionate about fashion.

Nina Ricci’s resort 2017 collection is mainly filled with evening proposals, which could be slightly toned down when combined with more casual jackets or pants. The tailoring techniques and embellishments used exude ultra polished vibes, and will inevitably appeal to those, who like to dress to the nines yet in a slightly unconventional way.

Nina Ricci Resort 2017 Collection

Nina Ricci Resort 2017 Collection

Slip tops, pencil skirts, clean-cut coats and uber-chic shirts with ruffled hems are this collection’s key elements, used at times as the founding staples for more risqué outfits. Netfish stockings, mesh materials and translucent embellishments take us back to the Nineties, yet always remind of the refined elegance and opulent kind of fashion of the Twenties. Vertical stripes, cropped cuts and mannish staples got perfectly combined with heroin-chic motifs, creating an appealing contrast that is almost addictive.

Given the fact that Henry drew inspiration from photographer Malick Sidibé and revolutionary musician Fela Kuti (a.k.a. The Black President), the line-up is infused with Seventies inspirations, the cropped bell-bottom pants, butterfly sleeves and earth-toned ensembles being the best illustrations of the era. Wedges and sharp pointy-toe kitten heels are a clear reminder of such influences too, although they have been designed with Nina Ricci’s Parisian legacy in mind.

It is also interesting to notice how, in contrast with most of the recently unveiled resort 2017 collections (just think about Moschino andFausto Puglisi), Henry did not choose to conform to the style rules of the millennial audience, de facto confirming once again not only his knack for classic Parisian silhouettes, but also his traditional views on what fashion should be all about: pure elegance.

Nina Ricci Resort 2017 Collection

Nina Ricci Resort 2017 Collection

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Alberta Ferretti’s Resort 2017 Line Focuses on a Sea Theme


In a mostly neutral palette, Alberta Ferretti‘s resort 2017 collection featured both daywear and eveningwear. The clothing all revolved around the designer’s fabulous yacht, and her passion for anything with a maritime kick to it.

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2017 Collection

Back in 2008, Ferretti purchased what is now her yacht “Prometej,” which is Russian for the Greek god Prometheus. Back in the ’50s, the vessel was actually a Russian World War II icebreaker, which she refurbished into a luxury yacht for her trips overseas – with over 20 bedrooms now aboard the yacht, this extravagant boat could serve as inspiration for just about anything.

Some may say the maritime theme for resort collections is overplayed and expected, but Ferretti’s yacht is something near and dear to her, and she was able to use her passion to pull the sea theme where no one else has been able to. Many designers do tend to play up the theme when they create a collection based on the sea, but for Ferretti in her resort line, it was all about capturing movement in a series of dark colors and a select few obvious references to boating. When designers are able to match a theme in fashion to another passion in life, something unique and beautiful always tends to ensue.

For each set fashion season, we always look forward to seeing the elegant eveningwear the designer presents, but on the pre-seasons, we get to see another, more ready-to-wear side of her. Such as with the Alberta Ferretti resort 2017 line, the designer dabbled in sportswear, and the result was still something that could look right at home on a red carpet, due to their extra bit of drama or other oomph that boosts its appeal in some way.

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2017 Collection

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2017 Collection

A stark white pantsuit, for instance, may not be one’s first thought when thinking of eveningwear, but the impact the ensembles makes, and the jacket’s detailing reminding us of a sea captain gives a whole new meaning to drama and formality, that there comes to mind a plethora of celebrities who could take that look and make a home for it at any red carpet event.

Better yet, even the most formal looks, like many of the flowing dresses, would look just as natural on a red carpet as they would on a yacht; that is how you know you are looking at a collection with two passions perfectly merged together. She even managed to nod at the name of her ship, with a series of dresses that seem to have come straight from ancient Greece and been doctored for the modern, passionate woman.

Finally, by breaking the neutral color palette right at the end with two red dresses (one old-Hollywood cocktail dress one timeless, glamorous gown) gave the entire collection a final spirit of drama, so if you didn’t find the neutral garments dramatic enough, those pieces just pushed everything over the edge. Much as with the spirit of the collection as a whole, these pieces being in red signifies one important thing that perfectly wraps everything up: passion.

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2017 Collection

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2017 Collection

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MAC Blue Nectar Summer 2016 Lip Line


MAC lipsticks are the ultimate favorites of both makeup gurus and those, who just like to add a subtle tint to their pout to liven up their makeup looks, and it’s always a pleasure to discover new products and shades added to the extensive MAC lip line. The MAC Blue Nectar summer 2016 makeup collection is the next addition to the brand’s range of lip products, bringing in beautiful colors inspired by rose, from delicate pinks to rich purples with a touch of blue. This is a mini collection featuring two products only – the iconic MAC lipstick and sheer lip-glass, set to become available for purchase online at NordstromBloomingdale’s and Macy’s on June 2nd and at MAC counters on June 9th.

MAC Blue Nectar Summer 2016 Makeup Collection

MAC Blue Nectar Lipstick ($17.00) (Limited Edition)

You can hardly find any woman, who doesn’t own at least one shade of MAC’s iconic lipsticks, which made the brand so famous worldwide, and even if you are that single person, who has never tried MAC on her lips, here you have 12 reasons to do so this summer. Coming in highly pigmented colors with a matte finish, these lipsticks are available in pastel pinks and corals to be worn on a daily basis, classic reds and pinks to be combined with au naturel eye makeup, and bold purples for those, who want to try something new.

• Courting Seduction – creamy pastel lavender (Amplified)
• Lured In – mid-tone pastel purple (Amplified)
• Invite Intrigue – cool, bright fuchsia (Matte)
• Intoxica – bright raspberry red (Matte)
• Lush Extract – deep royal purple (Matte)
• Riot House – light vivid orange (Matte) (Repromote)
• Give In – creamy natural pink (Matte)
• Sweet Venom – intense pink coral (Matte)
• Heroine – bright purple (Matte) (Permanent)
• Ablaze – bright apricot (Matte) (Repromote)
• Breathing Fire – bright, warm fuchsia (Matte)
• Barbecue – vivid orange-red (Matte) (Repromote)

MAC Blue Nectar Summer 2016 Lipsticks

MAC Blue Nectar Plushglass ($20.00) (Limited Edition)

Boasting moisturizing, soothing and lip-plumping properties, this magic lip product features a high-shine glossy finish and delivers a sheer color, perfect to be worn on your naked lips or over your favorite lipstick. In addition, it features vitamin E to protect your lips from environmental conditions. While the pastel pinks and the delicate rose shade are ideal for wearing on a daily basis or in combination with bold eye looks, the pearlized darker pink and the one with red undertones are ultimate statement makers, ready to revitalize sleepy and exhausted looks. Five out of the six colors come in limited quantities, so hurry up to snap up your fave shades as soon as they hit the online stores!

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Bobbi Brown Summer 2016 Brow & Bronzing Products


Bobbi Brown has created her makeup collection for summer 2016, and it has been broken up into two segments. One segment includes her new bronzing products, which are available for purchase now Her second set will be her long-wear eye products, which are available at Nordstrom and other select departments stores internationally. The Bobbi Brown long-wear line features new as well as best-selling products, so you can toss your makeup on for a hot day under the sun and know it will stay in place as you go about your day. It was made to resist heat and humidity, so you’ll be all set and looking fabulous (but what’s new there?). Below you will find the products from the total Bobbi Brown summer 2016 brow & bronzing collection.

Bobbi Brown Summer 2016 Brow & Bronzing Products

Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Powder ($48.00) (Limited Edition)

This powder keeps things natural by finding a balance between red and brown so your tan glow will look sun kissed. You will be glowing, despite its matte finish, with a warm tan, so you can be ready before you even face the sun.

• Golden Light
• Medium

Bobbi Brown Skin Moisture Compact Foundation ($50.00)

This is a lightweight, cream foundation that will keep your skin hydrated due to its infusion with a marine extract and a collagen-enhancing ferment. Your skin will be luminous and polished and looking radiant, and keeping things soft is always a pleasing addition!

• Alabaster
• Almond
• Beige
• Chestnut
• Cool Ivory
• Espresso
• Golden
• Honey
• Natural
• Natural Tan
• Porcelain
• Sand
• Walnut
• Warm Almond
• Warm Beige
• Warm Honey
• Warm Ivory
• Warm Natural
• Warm Sand
• Warm Walnut

Bobbi Brown Summer 2016 Brow & Bronzing Products

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Brow Gel ($26.00)

This is one product that will stay right where you want it. It is made from beeswax and wax gellants so it can smoothly glide on. You will have firm support that won’t bend under the pressure of water, sweat, or the dreaded humidity of summer.

• Blonde
• Espresso
• Grey
• Mahogany
• Rich Mahogany
• Rich Brown
• Saddle
• Taupe
• Wheat

Bobbi Brown Dual Ended Brow Brush ($34.00)

If you’re going to style your brows, you need the proper tools – or in this case, tool. Buying two-in-one products can help a lot with on-the-go makeup kits, as well as for everyday convenience so you don’t have to find multiple brushes to get the job done. Here you will get one end with a firm-bristled head to define your brows with accuracy, perfect for outlining and filling in the edges, and the other end with a spoolie brush for grooming the hairs to ensure proper blending.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick ($29.00)

The brand’s Long-Wear Cream Shadow is a must have, and this is the same product in a portable form. The formula is created by mixing film formers, waxes, and oils to give 8-hours of wear. The container is a simple swivel-up stick to make it easy to take on the go, and the shades are creamy and filled with Vitamins C and E, so you’re getting protection on top of a stunning color in a lightweight cream

• Stone
• Malted Pink
• Truffle
• Nude Beach

Bobbi Brown Summer 2016 Brow & Bronzing Products

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner ($26.00) (Limited Edition Shades)

Eyeliner can be awful once the humidity hits, but it is still a severe must for a total makeup look. Bobbi Brown has won awards for her gel eyeliner, and with the shades it just gets better. The new jewel-toned hues were inspired by looks from New York Fashion Week, so you can just sit back with the stick and do what you do best to create stunning eye looks.

• Midnight Sky Ink
• Wine Ink
• Cypress Ink
• Bronze Shimmer Ink

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Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessory Trends


When watching the seasonal fashion shows from your cozy home or sitting right there among the out-and-out fashionistas, it’s really easy to tackle every single detail on the models – just a glance at the silhouettes is enough, while other precious details pass by as slick as a whistle. Afterwards you just need to look forward to the pieces to hit the stores in a 6-month period or enthusiastically start zooming in the snapped photos in your iPhone. The name of the game today is the fall/ winter 2016-2017 hair accessory trends that made an appearance at the runway shows (you might have missed some of them or haven’t just managed to get a good look at) from New York to London, from Milan to Paris.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessory Trends

The fall 2016 hair accessories aren’t as many as the ones we spotted on the spring/summer 2016 runways, instead giving way to jaw-dropping hairstyles that we have taken up to analyze recently. From soft imperfect waves and crazy curls to low ponytails, finger waves and intricate braids, the fall 2016 runway hairstyles were all vagabonding through fashion avenues with some lovely accessories pinned here and there but at times also entirely covering the hair. Browse through our favorite fall/ winter 2016-2017 hair accessory trends as minimalistic as Max Mara’s bobby pins and as eye-catching as Alexander McQueen’s shimmering bejeweled deluge.

#1. Bejeweled Brooches, Barrettes and Clips Solo or in Abundance

Brooches, barrettes and clips in shimmer and glimmer stand as number one of the fall 2016 hair accessory trends on our list that evidently let your freak flag fly and stand out gloriously in audience. Whether just a means to keep hair in place or a unique hair flattering technique, these bejeweled pieces are always calling general attention. At Brock Collection art nouveau barrettes were decorating loose updos on the back of models’ heads, the knotted low buns at Bottega Veneta looked even more coquettish through those greenish beaded barrettes nestling somewhere, while at Bibhu Mohapatra single lovely butterfly clips were flittering and fluttering.

Bejeweled hair accessories for fall 2016 are growing up in ascending order passing from twin bejeweled clips at Sonia Rykiel fixed on twisted-back hair on both sides to bejeweled bow mélange at Dolce & Gabbana. But chalk it up to Alexander McQueen’s fall 2016 fashion show to grandiosely wrap up this scintillating festival – myriads of brooches and clips in shapes of flowers, stars and evil eyes mixed with punk chains were scattered all over the disheveled updos. At least now no room is left for your come-hither looks in the near future.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Barrettes & Hair Clips

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Barrettes & Hair Clips

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Barrettes & Hair Clips

#2. Princess-Worthy Tiaras and Headbands

Today you do not need to be Princess Diana or the Duchess of Cambridge if you have your heart set on wearing royal tiaras or headbands. Moreover, it is not imperative any more to match them solely with evening gowns as per the fall/ winter 2016 hair accessory trends.

While at Marchesa chic tiaras and headbands are a nod to aristocracy, atMoschino – a way to get to know the rebellious princess type and at Dolce & Gabbana – totally synched up with fairy tale theme, a whole new ball game is happening at Tommy Hilfiger and Ashley Williams. The nautical theme at Tommy Hilfiger is unexpectedly bringing in lovely triangular tiaras matched with baby doll dresses, while at Ashley Williams sparkling gemstone headbands with star-like details on them are making unique assemblages with puffer jackets, sportive tees and other casual pieces.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Tiaras & Headbands

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Tiaras & Headbands

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Tiaras & Headbands

#3. Boho-Chic and Sportive Headwraps

Which is the hair accessory that might work wonders in a New York minutes whether applied on wash-and-go hair, crazy curls or ideally straight strands? Boho-chic and sportive headbands and headwraps tied in different manners are on, having showed stable appearance on the fall/winter 2016 runways shaping up another cool hair accessory trend. Start from H&M’smonochromatic and printed wide headwraps in keeping with boudoir outfits, then pass to Manish Arora’s gipsy-style printed and decorated ones or stop by Gucci to catch some printed turban stunners. Some gothic sportive sweatbands have been observed at Fenty x Puma, while at Versace it is all about thin elastics wrapped around the heads.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Turbans & Headwraps

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Turbans & Headwraps

#4. Mysterious Mesh Veils

In the heart of hearts every single woman is in a quest of wrapping herself with some mystery and secrecy. And what can best guarantee your mysterious aura? Mesh veils especially in blackest black surely have no competitors in this sphere throwing some shadow over the feminine face and turning even the sweetest smile into some sinister grin. This enigmatic visage inspired many a fashion designer while working out their fall 2016 collections.

As a result, we spy a couple of black mesh veils at Isabel Marant either in shape of a floral clip or attached to a tiny hat all decorated with shimmering stars and also some semi-burnt mesh veils at Moschino reaching up the sky. At Antonio Marras and Vanessa Seward mesh veils reached an absolutely new level wrapping the whole face and creating unique textured face illusion. A smattering of white bridal veils also appeared atRodarte and Thom Browne but definitely without any iota of innocence.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Mesh Veils

#5. Soft Ribbons and Lovely Bows

Have you firmly decided to look a bit more flirty and coquettish come the fall/winter seasons? Then ditch your serious business lady visage as soon as possible and borrow a sweet smile that will surely appear on your face once soft ribbons and lovely bows jump on your hair. No need for long-term searches as the fall 2016 hair accessory trends have them in spades with Dolce & Gabbana definitely leading the pack – fantasy models utterly enthused to show off long wavy hair densely decorated with black or red bejeweled bows but also some bow barrettes to keep hair in place.

Layered velvety bows were making a chapter of that extravagant pasticcio we saw at Antonio Marras shaping up some headbands and clips that were in symbiosis with feathery, furry and bejeweled hairpieces. At Kate Spadeand Roksanda velvet ribbons were applied to softly tie down low ponytails, while at Suno long ponytails were literally trapped in the charming clutches of crisscrossed velvet ribbons.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Ribbons, Bows & Hair Ties

#6. Fresh and Frosted Flowers

Women and flowers always go hand in hand – so different, so charming and irresistible. So it comes as no surprise to see flowers harmoniously mingling with catwalk models season in, season out. This time around fall-worthy frosted flowers and spring-worthy fresh ones have leagued together to shape up another lovely fall 2016 hair accessory trend.

Bunches of as-if-freshly-cut orchids, tiger lilies and other types mixed with frosted metallic flowers made a triumphant invasion into Rodarte to raise myriads of clips, brooches and headbands. The same iridescent floral avalanche was observed at Dolce & Gabbana as well standing as bohemian crowns and endowing their hostesses with a nymph power.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Flower Hair Accessories

#7. Babushka Style Headscarves

Headscarves tied below the chin were originally used by elderly rural women but nowadays, as we are living in a period where all boundaries are blurred, headscarves knotted in babushka style are ideally fitting young ladies as well. The fall/ winter 2016-2017 hair accessory trends came out of left field to trot out this style and thus adding more fuel to feminine allure.

All kick-started at London Fashion Week when Mary Katrantzou sent out densely printed garment pieces in enlivening combinations with printed babushka headscarves worn over nonchalantly loose hair with slick center-parted bangs peeping out. We see this romantic hair accessory trend playing with fresher vibes at Christopher Kane under the guise of cellophane texture headscarves with long endings undulating against the air. But when it comes to Dolce & Gabbana, black lace headscarves crop up tied below the chin and delivering somewhat a mourning twist.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Babushka Headscarves

#8. Bejeweled and Barely There Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are fairly to be called far the most versatile and multifunctional hair accessories. They are applicable for any hairstyle, on any occasion and can be used either in solo or in abundance for more charming looks. The fall/ winter 2016-2017 hair accessory trends bring in these tiny hairpieces in droves starting from plainest metallic ones and iridescent rainbows to more chic bejeweled head turners.

At Ashley Williams, apart from gemstone headbands, earrings and necklaces, we also see blindingly shining bobby pins aligned on bangs and working perfectly both as hair-holding and hair-flattering means. AtErdem single floral-shaped bejeweled bobby pins slightly hold back the front part, while at Paul & Joe heart and star-shaped bobby pins are warming the cockles of hearts again sweeping back the bangs and creating sleek hair texture.

At Ryan Lo pink and purple floral bobby pins are pouring forth on the models’ hair. At Blumarine black and white bobby pins build up ideal finger waves, at Max Mara several colored ones are applied to keep bangs to one side, while at Emporio Armani myriads of black pins are massed together on sleek hair.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Bobby Pins

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Bobby Pins

#9. Sui Generis Hair Accessories

At times contemporary fashion designers rise so high in designing hair accessories that the garment pieces recede into the background and pass the torch of indelibly-engraved-on-the memory status to hair accessories. The fall/ winter 2016 hair accessories also beget many sui generis designs, some of which are wearable enough while others rather passing off as museum exemplars.

First things first, we were swept off the ground by the two-rolled-into-one pieces alternating each other at Vionnet – from the front appearing as simplest stud earrings while from the back getting united by a long metallic strand to form a unique hair accessory worn over straight hair. This type surely has all the potential to become viral come the chilly days gripping the prize of the It hair accessory of the year.

At Thom Browne mannish neckties became super dynamic to take different hallucinogenic shapes and cozy up to models’ hair either framing the face or mysteriously covering one of the eyes. Undercover seems to be screaming “Danger” through its spiky headbands galore suggestive of either barbed wire or leafless autumn branches. But there are some lovely wreath-like samples as well full of gilded flowers that are rather wearable as opposed to those massive trees.

At Gareth Pugh star-printed and glen-plaid round pieces are fixed on the back part of the heads thus mimicking Russian kokoshniks from the front, while at Haider Ackermann several wisps of hair tightly wrapped with velvet ribbons are climbing up like realistic jungle lianas.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Accessories Trends: Unique Hair Accessories

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