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Which Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015 are Your Favorites?


We have brought the focus to Instagram quite a bit of late, but it seems that everyone who is anyone has turned to the social media platform, where posting up pictures and 15-second videos is the means to communication. It has been utilized for a multitude of purposes, including advertisement, getting a brand’s name out, gaining a fan base and merely showing off who they are and what they do on a daily basis. When it comes to the A-list though, we are thirsty of any bot of information that might make a celebrity all the more endearing, showing off that they are as human as we, albeit with a slightly more perfect life, as seen from our eyes. From the Kardashian clan to our favorite fashion designers, Instagram gives us a sneak peek into how celebrities are celebrating Christmas holidays 2015 at their luxury and cozy homes!

Some of our favorite celebrity holiday Instagram posts of 2015 seen over the last few days have been from:

Reese Witherspoon

What is there not to love about Reese, particularly when she shows up at your place with an armload of pretty pink striped and red ribbon presents? Absolutely nothing as she is positively perfect! Merry Christmas, Reese!

Best Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015: Reese Witherspoon

Taylor Swift

If you wanted more than an ounce of adorable, you got it with Taylor Swift as she dons on an elf suit and takes a photo with a no makeup made up face. She looks like the coolest elf in town, who will probably steal your presents before giving you anything back. She’s also got one with a snowman, posing with Calvin Harris and Austin Smith. Smooth Miss Swift, very smooth!

Best Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015: Taylor Swift

David & Victoria Beckham

Sharing a kiss with her husband leaning in, Victoria Beckham looks as perfect as ever. And the fact that the kids are the ones documenting this moment of romance and undying love only adds to the cuteness factor. It is cuteness overload!

Best Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015: David Beckham

Naomi Campbell

Wearing a red Dolce & Gabbana dress, sitting on a golden vintage chair, with lit up Christmas trees in the background, this makes for a lovely photo, though perhaps not our very favorite out of this list.

Best Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015: Naomi Campbell

Lily Aldridge

We are definitely getting tired of the feet pictures, but that fireplace looks lovely and we might want a taste of the cookies and milk snacks left out for the man who will be coming down the chimney.

Best Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015: Lily Aldridge

Margot Robbie

Want to know how to get the best selfie? Just shoot a pic through a reflecting Christmas ornament that is a silver ball. Add some glitter to your head, put on a Santa hat, and you have an awesome Instagram post. Definitely one of our favorite celebrity Christmas shots on Instagram!

Best Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015: Margot Robbie

Joan Smalls

Placemats, runners, napkins, napkin rings, roses, candles, and pretty little reindeer… check! This fancy but positively delightful table awaits a Christmas dinner at Casa Joan Smalls it seems!

Best Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015: Joan Smalls

Diane Von Furstenberg

If you love your presents underneath a heavenly Christmas tree, that is exactly what you get chez DVF! It is all so classy and picture-perfect, down to the matching wrapping paper and bows.

Best Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015: Diane Von Furstenberg

Gisele Bundchen

Even the dogs have their own stockings in the home of supermodel Gisele Bundchen. We just might steal their ideas for our fireplace decorations next year!

Best Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015: Gisele Bundchen

Kardashian Family

With a caption of “All you need is love” and the image of the four cutest kids in the Kardashian family, this Instagram post is definitely a favorite.

Best Celebrity Holiday Instagrams of 2015: Kim Kardashian

Browse the gallery to see other supermodels and celebrities celebrate Christmas holidays on Instagram!

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We’ve always admired Hermes for releasing such wonderful pieces – in fact, a lot of the brand’s forerunners are etched forever in our hearts, the Kelly and Birkin to name a few. But today, we’re going to concentrate on a different side of Hermes, a side that’s definitely more colorful and cheerful. We’re giving you the Hermes Silk’In Wallets – pieces that exude a wonderful mix of quality materials and creative streaks. It’s all about inside patterns, girls!

Available in three different colors to choose from, these exciting pieces are made with only the finest calfskin, so you’ll have something that’ll last some years of use (with proper care and storage). Inside the wallet, there’s a printed silk lining that varies, depending on the color you’d choose. It’s like opening a sweet surprise! Inside, it has a zipped change purse, four flat pockets and twelve credit card slots – functionality and style at its best, just for you!

Measuring 20cm x 10.8cm, you can get your very own Hermes Silk’In Wallets for $1,175 USD, €805 EUR or £740 GBP via Hermes e-store.









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MAC Velvetease Spring 2016 Lip Pencils


If you are a faithful aficionado of matte effect makeup or are sick and tired of shimmery, pearlescent makeup yearning to give a try to something new, MAC Cosmetics is always there with a plethora of beauty products with bold matte finishes. But to all appearances, MAC beauty experts have taken an oath to never rest on the laurels in matte sphere and matte products are being amplified with newer and newer goodies. The beauty giant has recently launched the MAC Velvetease spring 2016 lip pencils that have been available for sale in the USA since December 17, 2015 online at maccosmetics.com, while in Europe the lip pencils will ba available only in Januray 27, 2016 online and in February 2016 in stores.

MAC Velvetease Spring 2016 Lip Pencils

If you already own the best MAC lipsticks and have been thinking that these are pencils for just lip contouring and were on the brink to leave the page with a thought ”I have so many lip contouring pencils, really”, hold on! The MAC Velvetease lip pencils give the vivid color impact of a lipstick. The tip being roundish glides with utmost ease and precision, providing the lips with full color coverage, long-term smoothing and plumping effect. And this is not the only gladsome news – the lip pencils are mechanical, so no sharpener is needed, which is just another good reason to make MAC Velvetease lip pencil the abiding dweller of your handbag.

The color spectrum of the new MAC collection stays true to MAC’s iconic bold and warm shades. The lineup will leave you in a state of confusion, hesitating about which shade to get your hands on – deep red, warm chocolate, rosy fuchsia or deep blackened plum? But then you may be transferred to another zone of hesitation between clean blue fuchsia, soft beige nude and deep brick red, in the long run you are to end up acquiring a couple or more pieces up to challenging yourself to become the holder of the whole 12 Celvetease lip pencils, especially when the pencils will be permanent retailing at $20.00/ €24.00 each. You can check the list of shades below and make the best springtime matte investment ever.

MAC Velvetease Spring 2016 Lip Pencils

MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil ($20.00 / €24.00)

• Anything Goes – Rosy fuchsia (Matte)
• Temper Tantrum – Bright orange coral (Matte)
• Lover’s Lane – Deep orange (Matte)
• Frolic – Mid-tone peachy pink (Matte)
• Oh Honey – Warm chocolate (Matte)
• Aim to Please – Dirty mauvey brown (Matte)
• Just My Type – Clean blue fuchsia (Matte)
• Just Add Romance – Deep red (Matte)
• Tease Me – Light pink (Matte)
• Promise Me – Soft beige nude (Matte)
• Velvet Teen – Deep blackened plum (Matte)
• Reddy to Go – Deep brick red (Matte)

MAC Velvetease Spring 2016 Lip Pencils

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Other Brands

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Other Brands


Because we’re also ga-ga over revamps, we’ll be ogling at the all-new Chanel Boy Enchained Bag that’s made especially for the Cruise 2016 Collection. It’s mighty fine, as per Chanel usual, and it’s all yours for the taking (but for now, no deets about prices and availability…but patience is a virtue, so…).

READ: Chanel Boy Quilted Enchained Bag

Some weeks ago, we were able to feature the original Chanel Boy Enchained Bag (which had quilted edges). You can click on the link above for more details about this baby as well.

So, back to the topic – as we’ve mentioned, the original Enchained Bag had quilted edges reminiscent of Classic Flaps, but this time the Cruise 2016 variation has none of that. Instead, it has a layers of leather and chain on its edges and in front, like a dazzling array of metal. Also, instead of a smooth, leather finish, it has a seemingly embossed leather that’s textured like python skin – something that’s definitely worth mentioning! Let’s not forget about its clasp and hardware, though – they’re all dark silver, which is very much exciting. Foolproof combinations are always, always a plus factor.

So, what do you think about this piece? Is it something you’d consider getting? Comment now and let us know!


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Rochas Pre-Fall 2016 Collection


Alessandro dell’Acqua has just unveiled his Rochas pre-fall 2016 collection, revealing a mix-and-match of edgy party looks and refined chic pieces that add a bit of dazzle to this pre-fall fashion week. A doze of inspiring retro lines and patterns recreates a handful of timeless looks with a modern twist that celebrate both dell’Acqua’s second year at the helm of Rochas and the fashion house’s haute couture heritage.

Rochas Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Updating the fashionable ‘granny chic style’ with textured fabrics and an opulence of patterns and details, Alessandro dell’Acqua seems to be at ease with Rochas’ undeniable elegance, meticulously embroidering each one of the items just to make sure everything comes out to be nothing but refined and perfect. Browsing through the line-up one could easily notice how dell’Acqua perfectly designed and created pieces that are absolutely polished to the high standards Rochas follows, with sumptuous vibes naturally meeting a real zest for modern looks. To meet everyone’s needs, he combined chic outerwear with New Year’s Eve-ready pieces that will make you stand out of the crowd at any party.

Creating lightness and fluidity with a modern feel and bringing forth relaxed, yet super-elegant and refined looks was clearly the aim of the designer, who revealed the message behind the Rochas pre-fall 2016 collection during the collection presentation.

He even revealed actress Julie Christie as one of his main sources of inspirations, as her role in the movie Shampoo was easily translated into many of the roomy ankle-length pants and Seventies-inspired maxi dresses. No wonder why dell’Acqua chose Julie Christie as his muse for the upcoming season: with her ethereal looks and ability to look effortlessly chic in every kind of outfit, Christie had a huge impact on fashion throughout the Sixties and Seventies, skillfully wearing both evening sequined dresses and haute-hippie pieces that still charm us nowadays.

And now, thanks to the Rochas pre-fall 2016 collection, wearing fancy Christie-inspired outfits will be easier than ever, as the line-up is rife with shiny sequined embroideries, asymmetrical cuts and floral designs, which are basically meant to be combined with the oversized camel coats and fur jackets. Just like many other fashion houses, the fur game and the trend of wearing socks with pussy-bow pumps are strong in this collection, too, and Rochas chose chestnut, burgundy and blue hues to adorn its furry maxi coats and jackets. The line-up seems also to particularly enjoy the slip-dress over a t-shirt trend.

Billowy dresses in black and gold along with boyfriend and oversized blazers alternate each other, layering the silhouettes with many structured lines and different fabrics. Mid-calf shirts got adorned with lateral slits and draped fabrics, once again paying homage to Christie’s nonchalant attitude. As for the fabrics used, besides fur and tweed dell’Acqua also added a touch of drama bringing finely tailored velvet, Alpaca cashmere and Chantilly lace fabrics, which ultimately confirm his terrific skills as a fashion designer.

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