This million dollar transparent watch might be the timepiece of the year

2016-6-21 fashion Jewelry & Watches

greubel-forsey-sapphire-watch (1)

greubel-forsey-sapphire-watch (2)
The flawlessly clear case allows you to see the distinctive double tourbillon movement (not new, but patented); a hand wound calibre with a power reserve of 120-hours, and two distinctive tourbillon escapements. One of them is actually inside the other, the outer tourbillon rotates every four minutes while the inner tourbillon rotates every 60 seconds. This complicated movement scored 915 out of 1,000 points at the International Chronometry Competition.
greubel-forsey-sapphire-watch (3)
Priced at $1.275 million this watch is exclusive to the USA so if you’re not already in the country, you’re going to want to book your tickets. Timepieces like these come only once in a while and are bound to become instant collector’s items. The futuristic look of the sapphire crystal watch is a perfect complement to the aesthetic of another item that’s probably on your shopping list for the year.

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