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Top 5 New Cream Bags: Off-White Delights

Top 5 New Cream Bags: Off-White Delights

2015-12-16 fashion Other Brands

Top 5 New Cream Bags

Creamy hues immediately bring to mind ultimate sophistication, and that fact never changes from season to season, year to year. No matter what the price point of a delicious cream bag, whether it costs a fortune or just a few hundred dollars, the effect of the shade remains the same. Nothing gives off the essence of understated elegance quite like a gorgeous ivory bag. So feel free to indulge, from frugal to investment-worthy – these creams are light through and through!

1. Max Mara J Crossbody Bag:icon Every Snob should have an ivory day bag in her closet for ultimate neutrality, and Max Mara’s hardware-free crossbody is as smooth as can be. 

2. Bottega Veneta Medium Snake & Napa Tote Bag:icon We’ve said this before and we will say it again: one can never, ever go wrong with a Bottega Veneta bag. 

3. Rag & Bone Bradbury Mini Flap Chain Hobo: Creamy white gone eclectic with some ’70s influence: this hits all the current trends at once, yet it doesn’t look trendy. 

4. Valextra Zaino Isis Backpack:icon Only Valextra can deliver a backpack so smart and structured, it revamps the style. The color makes it absolutely ooze polish. 

5. Henry Beguelin Cervo Soft Leather Shoulder Tote Bag:icon Laidback days require a bag that matches your casual mood, like a slouchy hobo that’s pillowy-soft. 

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