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Gucci Gift Edit – Excellent Men’s Cruise 2016 Collection for Holiday


Discover here an excellent men’s essentials selection from Gucci Gift Editorial from the Cruise 2016 collection – The latest apparels, footwear and accessories featuring design signature and adorable details of the luxury Italian fashion house dedicated especially to complete gentlemen’s closet within the holiday seasons.

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: tailored suit jacket, cambridge shirt, pants, rings

A blue velvet tailored suit jacket, a light blue Cambridge shirt woven with a bee pattern, a black ribbon necktie and beige wool mohair trousers. Feline head ring in aged palladium finished metal with blue and green crystals and lion head ring complete an eccentric look. For ladies, you cannot miss the fabulous apparels in Mango December 2015 Essentials – Must-Have Pieces AW 2016.

The bumblebee, a signature motif from the Cruise 2016 collection decorates men’s accessories from the Gucci Gift Edit

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: bordeaux tie with a bee jacquard motif

Men’s bordeaux silk tie with a bee jacquard motif from the Cruise 2016 collection, embellished with a modern House motif, the bee. The Italian luxury fashion house Versace presents new Holiday Accessories Collection 2016.

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: bee jacquard midnight blue and pale blue silk ties

Midnight blue and pale blue silk ties embellished with a bee jacquard motif.

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: narrow tie woven with yellow bees

In navy blue silk, a narrow tie woven with yellow bees.

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: striped silk tie features golden bees

A striped silk tie features golden bees.

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: bees and iris patches embellish leather wallets

Bees and iris patches embellish leather wallets

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: leather flat sandals with embroidered bee patches

Leather slides appliquéd with embroidered bee patches.

Men’s belts from the Cruise 2016 collection are also enriched with contemporary and signature Gucci motifs

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: python belt is detailed with turquoise-colored stones

A python belt is detailed with turquoise-colored stones, eyelets and a double G buckle.

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: eyelets and embossing decorate a double G buckle belt

Eyelets and embossing decorate a double G buckle belt.

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: raw cut leather belt is fixed with a tiger head buckle

A raw cut leather belt is fixed with a tiger head buckle.

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: Jordaan leather loafer with horsebit detail

Jordaan leather loafer featuring an extended toe and luxury horsebit appliqué.

Gucci Men's Gift Edit 2016 Holiday: glitter Web Sneaker with studs

Crafted in glittering silver fabric, the low-top Web Sneaker is an old-school sporty look with casual modern accents, this remarkable men’s footwear is profiled with blue-red-blue Web stripes, and a feline head on the tongue. For men and women, Gucci also offers a Special Eveningwear from Spring Summer 2016 Collection.

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Antonio Marras Pre-Fall 2016 Collection


Folk influences and cultural references play a big role in Antonio Marras’ creations, which have always been accompanied by impressive sartorial techniques and refined materials. The Antonio Marras pre-fall 2016 collection explores folkloric themes, too, travelling all the way to Colorado, USA, where the iconic psychological horror movie The Shining was filmed. As those who have watched the movie know, the protagonist is Jack Nicholson, playing a man who plans to write his book at an isolated hotel. He gets hired for working as the hotel’s winter caretaker, meaning that he has to move to that place along with his family for some very long and dark months.

Antonio Marras Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Imagining himself as Stanley Kubrick reborn, Antonio Marras directs a more cheerful version of the horror film, reinventing its major scenes and focusing on its main details. Then, he also explored the Native American theme of the movie, as the haunted hotel is indeed built on the site of a Native American burial ground. Overall, we could rightly consider this collection as a potpourri of Native American influences, Kubrick-inspired details (to be seen, for example, in the model’s fake eyelashes), Seventies-inspired pieces (the movie is based on Stephen King’s novel written in the Seventies), and specular motifs, which could be linked to Shining’s recurring scenes with mirrors.

There are, of course, red fabrics too, which always remind us of the fashion designer’s passionate love for his Sardinian origins (more precisely, he is widely known for hisLigazzo Rubio, which in Sardinian means ‘red thread’ that knots things together firmly, metaphorically standing for feelings). The Native American theme also gets intertwined with XIX-century traditional American pieces of clothing, including hats and ruffled sleeves, which could all be reconnected with this country’s wandering origins.

Rich in texture and with an apparent care in garments, the line-up succeeds in the designer’s goal of recreating a less scaring horror movie mainly thanks to the bold hues and geometrical patterns, which by the end of the collection almost take a surrealistic turn becoming more fluid, abstract and less rigid (is it Marras’ attempt to recreate Shining’s notorious ‘bloody scene’?). Those geometric patterns mainly come in reflecting motifs, taking advantage of the garments’ oversized silhouettes. For the first part of the collection, Marras plays with oversized lines and geometric cuts, designing maxi coats, maxi dresses and skirts, which mainly get combined with collarless tops.

As for the necklines, he particularly enjoys rounded or turtleneck necklines, including very few plunging necklines in the collection. Although band, choker and ring collars are the most featured ones, as soon as the Antonio Marras pre-fall 2016 collection draws to a close, the designer enjoys exploring Nehru and Jabot collars too, the latter of which give safe Grant Wood’s American Gothic touches to the outfits. Capes, tassels and fringes complete almost each one of the pieces, functioning as focal points.

Marras also explores a sort of Surrealistic Gothic theme, which may also be linked to Shining’s nightmarish scenes. Here he played with abstract motifs and deconstructed lines, which surely get enhanced with the mosaic glass windows on the background. Denoting terrific artistic skills and an obsessive passion for details, Marras has just unveiled one of the most impressive pre-fall collections of all time.

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Chanel Gift Ideas From Frugal To Expensive

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Luxury gifts will surely delight anyone who will receive it. Chanel is one of the brands that will surely spoil someone special in your life. Here are some Chanel gift ideas with a range of prices from Frugal, Mid-Range to Expensive. A variety of items are included in the list such as make-up, skincare, small leather goods, costume jewelry and handbags.

Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere Spray – $76.00 (USD) Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere Spray
Chanel Plexiglass Embellished Cuff – $1,425.00 (USD)Chanel Plexiglass Embellished Cuff
Chanel Classic Flap Medium Bag – $4,900.00 (USD)Chanel Classic Flap Medium Bag


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10 Celebs Who Score Major Glam Points for their Givenchy Game

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dabbled a little bit in the Givenchy Game this season. We scouted out Givenchy‘s hottest styles this Fall to help you gear up. Now, we’re even more pumped up for the Givenchy Game and wanted to share some celeb inspiration with you!

While we gravitate towards many of Givenchy’s silhouettes, the Givenchy Antigona is probably the bag that pulls at our heart strings the most. Over the past couple of years, celebs have helped turn this piece into an it-bag and it is still successfully riding its wave. If you’re looking for classic and chic but edgy and modern, you can’t go wrong with the Antigona. Each of the celeb looks below is the testament to the versatility of the Givenchy Antigona, and we simply can’t wait to step on the field and rival their Givenchy glam style!

Olivia Palermo


Miranda Kerr


Sofia Vergara


Kylie Jenner


Demi Levato


Kate Moss


Jennifer Garner

LOS ANGELES, CA - November 17: Jennifer Garner is seen  on November 17, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Cameron Diaz


Is it time for you to step into the Givenchy Game?


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Top 5 New Cream Bags: Off-White Delights

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Top 5 New Cream Bags

Creamy hues immediately bring to mind ultimate sophistication, and that fact never changes from season to season, year to year. No matter what the price point of a delicious cream bag, whether it costs a fortune or just a few hundred dollars, the effect of the shade remains the same. Nothing gives off the essence of understated elegance quite like a gorgeous ivory bag. So feel free to indulge, from frugal to investment-worthy – these creams are light through and through!

1. Max Mara J Crossbody Bag:icon Every Snob should have an ivory day bag in her closet for ultimate neutrality, and Max Mara’s hardware-free crossbody is as smooth as can be. 

2. Bottega Veneta Medium Snake & Napa Tote Bag:icon We’ve said this before and we will say it again: one can never, ever go wrong with a Bottega Veneta bag. 

3. Rag & Bone Bradbury Mini Flap Chain Hobo: Creamy white gone eclectic with some ’70s influence: this hits all the current trends at once, yet it doesn’t look trendy. 

4. Valextra Zaino Isis Backpack:icon Only Valextra can deliver a backpack so smart and structured, it revamps the style. The color makes it absolutely ooze polish. 

5. Henry Beguelin Cervo Soft Leather Shoulder Tote Bag:icon Laidback days require a bag that matches your casual mood, like a slouchy hobo that’s pillowy-soft. 

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